Month: August 2005

Ants On My Desktop

Ants on my desktop.It happened a few days ago.  An ant was going up on my computer screen, ignoring the borders of windows.  I looked around and found more ants making their way through the randomly stacked papers and objects on my desk.  Where was the food, I wondered?  Perhaps they had found crumbs from cookies I had consumed while typing a story.  I should clean up.  I should really clean up, because I plan to change my office furniture.  It will be nice, I think, doubling the shelf space to fit the books that are currently on the floor or just stacked in front of other books.I realized that the ants had formed a path to the waste paper basket.  Of course, I thought, I should not have thrown foodstuff away in this one.  I emptied it and washed it after leaving it on the porch for a while so the ants would go away by themselves.

Here I Am Again… Encounter with Parkinson

I suppose I have not joined the Blog revolution.  I still write little notes in my notebook, start stories either on the computer or on paper, but I am still far from reaching blogspace.  Yet, the railroad tracks can be bad and I won’t be able to write by hand at times.  Maybe that means I should only read while riding the train.  Should I be like those power people who dictate?  Talk to a machine, then pass it on to a secreatry? It was nearly midnight Saturday night when I returned to Kepler’s to retrieve my bike after seeing a movie.  Near the bike rack sat a man with big glasses and a walker loaded with travel bags.  He tried to get my attention by looking at me and vaguely gesturing while saying words I could not understand.  It was as if he could not pronounce the words very clearly, in the way people with degenerative disorders end up.  I approached him, expecting the usual request for money.  But it was not so: he could still not make himself understood by me.  I remained silent …