Month: February 2006

Publishing as a Hobby

Publishing as a HobbyI never expected that my book would get anyone’s attention in the publishing world.  I put it together for my own entertainment, and to give as party favors.  My friends like it, or at least they like the idea of the book.  It does look nice, something I owe to my younger years spent around typographers.The next step for me should be to show up at bookstores around here to ask if they would just put one copy on their shelves.  Again, I would not expect any sales, but if anyone came across it, opened it, read maybe one paragraph of it, I would be very happy.  How would I know?  Perhaps I could visit the bookstore once in a while to check if the book has been opened?Regardless, I find it very hard to go to the store and say, “I am the author of this book, I was wondering if you would put it on your shelves?  I’m not expecting it to sell; it would just be to say that it is on the shelves.”