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Parents and Government

Parents and Government
Now that the cat is out of the bag, privacy is a big issue for everyone. Someone may be listening to so many tiresome conversations that it’s amazing they would bother. With e-mails, snooping is much simpler, because you can feed all e-mail to a machine that analyses the contents and decides if it’s worth looking into (or keeping for later).
What’s ridiculous with the current record-keeping and analysis, is that one could infer from looking at how many times you called a certain number that you are conducting business of interest, while, say, it could be an affair. They would arrest you, thinking it’s the latter, and since they can do that, they’ll keep you for a long time.
They say it’s for your own good, and that otherwise they won’t catch the terrorists. Problem is, they’ve already shown that they could look the other way when they saw something suspicious. So now, even though they may not get anything from their domestic spying program, they could look the other way when someone serious shows up with a truck loaded with fertilizer, and say “you see, had you let me do more snooping, we would have caught someone like that.” Words would be chosen carefully to make you feel like you need to give them everything, so they’ll take care of “protecting” you.
It’s like having abusive parents. If something happens to you, they’ll say, “it’s your own fault.” They’ll lie for your own good, because the truth would hurt you.
Studies of FoxNews audience have shown that people can believe anything that’s fed to them, especially through TV. In other words, you can fabricate information, and truth becomes irrelevant. We see it over and over in political discourse. After that we wonder why people are so violent and abusive, why parents raise children without giving them the best education they can get, and instead give them biased information and do not develop their thinking abilities.

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