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long sentences

Although recently would you say, there hasn’t been anything great on TV, or for that matter on any kind of media, be it the radio, the newspapers including the tabloids, the magazines, and of course the Internet, there is no sign of anything negatively beginning like the dark ages as they had way back when nothing great was happening because they had more doers than thinkers and when that happened, the doers got armies together and purged the rest of the world of their thinkers since they would try to influence those who just waited for the news of what they were supposed to do, in a sense like today when people wait for the TV, that is whatever network they prefer to be told what to do on, and the TV somehow, one way or another, tells them, oh my, here’s something you should pay attention to, aren’t you nervous and excited, and shouldn’t your fearless leaders do something about whatever it is that you now feel is a priority or should be a priority for everyone around you, especially your family or company or anything you like to identify with, which could be your favorite chain store, the maker of your favorite food, something that could be considered decadent and a hint that we have reached a form of dark age in this day and age of communication to the masses which does not include poetry readings and other fringe events that will be disregarded anyway for their lack of significance.
Regain control of your life.  Turn off the TV.

I took BART the other day and it slowed down and stopped in the middle of the tunnel, which always makes me nervous even though nothing ever happens in it, not even people having panic attacks, because the driver, or maybe he’s not really driving, he’s just the eyes and ears of the computer, this particular driver reassured all of us by first saying that there was another train ahead of us that took too long to clear the tracks, and I thought it’s these people who block the doors for their slow friends to make it to the train, when in fact, it was later discovered when the train stopped a second time, a third time outside the tunnel this time, that there was what they called a disabled train at the 12th street station, so the other trains had to go around it, as we could notice when we got to that station and the other platform had been cordoned off with yellow tape as if there had been a murder there, as if a train had died and there should be a police investigation or something that official people do while we only worry about being late like those people who use cars and always say things like “parking was terrible,” or “I got stuck behind a school bus,” which everybody believes and understands, oh the poor people who must use their car and therefore have so much pain imposed on them.

I sat on a bench this afternoon on the shores of the bay facing San Francisco, which I could not see because the sun burned right into my eyes, and instead I looked to the side and saw in the haze the Golden Gate Bridge, followed by the Marin Headlands and a mountain that had a peak like a tit on a breast that was Mount Tamalpais, so that being established I looked down the calm waters, practically windless and without waves, and the sailboats quietly moved right and left, that is left towards the port and right towards, well, more water, as there is a lot of water there, although a guy passed by with an empty bucket and fishing gear, which reminded me to watch for what kind of fish he would get out of the water, to see if it would glow in the dark or something which I could not verify except that they say the fish is full of mercury which may mean that the stores are overcharging if the density of mercury is larger than that of muscle.

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