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Your Peaceful Existence

Your peaceful existence
Comes in a colorful package that you buy
And you become diffident of
The no-name brands denouncing
The dominant point of view
That war is good, out there.

In your package
Comes educational material
Justifying the building of weapons
Under a veil of good morals and principles.
Even you can shoot and kill
Under the veil.

No child is left behind
All pledge allegiance
All are given the freedom
To shoot and kill
And peace becomes the enemy,
Driven out of the classroom,
Arrested, suppressed.

You pledged never to challenge
The official view.
You pledged never to question
How many are killed in your name.
You pledged never to look
Outside your peaceful existence.

There is no money to be made in peace.
Aspiring peace leaders withdraw,
Threatened of becoming martyrs,
Their words distorted to rekindle the war effort.
War leaders continue to get
Airports, buildings, and freeways named for themselves.
They continue to call peace the enemy.
So, you say, war must be good,
And looking the other way
You return to your peaceful existence.

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