Month: December 2011

Solstice 2012

Solstice 2012 Elongated shadows on one side, our sun, warm on the bright side About to go to sleep in the privacy behind our earth Thank you, earth and water, air and fire, our gods improvised as creators issued from others themselves Thank you chaos, life, imperfect and infinite, the constantly renewed blooming, down west, up east… This fast moving planet rotates to another day, gently tilting the other way And we’re in for this great ride for as long as it keeps us on it.  

On a bit of a futuristic view

the problem is, I keep seeing the future happening… Can machines select the next book for you to read? In this view of the future, a book’s DNA can be compared to your “reader DNA,” and the bookseller – no longer a human but a machine automatically channeling books to you – is guaranteed growing sales forever. Read it all here on  

it’s just a cool picture

I took this photo to illustrate Structuralism and Deconstruction, but this picture isn’t worth a thousand words. Still, it’s a cool picture. On the right, a solid structure, a pyramid made of pyramids. On the left, a mess. I find the left one interesting, because it opens my mind to fantasy. The pyramid is solid and reassuring, but it’s going nowhere else. Except that the pyramid could be a base to solidify the art.