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Healing from the Right Side of the Brain

I just came back from a day-long seminar with Dr. Roy Martina title, “Reclaim Your Power and Restore Your Health” organized by Ode Magazine. You may want to see it, they make the video available online for a fee at  Did I ever mention I loved Ode Magazine?

It was… fun, and a bit mysterious. Aware of tricks that can be played on you (typically, a con man can talk to your right side of the brain and get anything from you), I realized from Roy Martina’s experiences that one could basically con himself to eliminate all the barriers he accumulates when he’s little. In my case, I’m aware that my parents and grandparents installed many fears in me before I could just dismiss them as what old people keep saying. It can go very deep. So the recipes may include methods you wouldn’t want to get close to (like cutting karmic links with the UV sword of the angel Michael?), but in fact what you’re doing is ask your left brain to move aside while you retrain your right brain. The imagery borrowed from different world religions are just there because you have to make it up in order to entertain the right brain. At least that’s what I got from it. It reminded me of how one gets creative.

And who knows, in my skeptic stance, I still believe there’s unexplored dimensions in us. The tip of the iceberg, in my case, was that traumatic events in my youth defined very basic fears in me that I couldn’t get rid of without “reprogramming.” So if such events were at the very surface of my consciousness (I knew about it all along, I was just keeping it mum), I can imagine there are more that could be very difficult to know about. It is, therefore, in the domain of the esoteric: we try to fix what has been transmitted to us before we were able to be aware. There may be a lot of trial and error in that search for what could make us more powerful, unblocking barriers. And yes, people die foolishly thinking they might imitate that mystic who went without food or water (kind of like the story of Jesus in the desert). It is just like the fact that advertisers and politicians and who knows who can flash a message in your eyes or ears to make you believe anything. Use with caution.

But after that, as I had dinner with a friend at Green’s, watching the sunset over the Golden Gate bridge (actually this time of the year, over the Marin Headlands), I confessed I had started to believe I might be some kind of healer. That I had in various occasions acted as if I had the power to help others in that way. I remember the night of the Northridge earthquake in L.A., I was mysteriously (to me, really) comforting traumatized strangers on the street. I also calmed friends in traumatic situations, and assisted old people back on their feet after they fell (I don’t force them up, if you want to imply that it’s dangerous to do so).

Also it doesn’t hurt to know a bit of the science. Serious massage therapists study something called trigger points that cause pain in unexpected places of the body. I have come to understand that a lot of mysterious pain originates in a muscle somewhere. Headaches are usually solved by massaging and pressuring the right spot. There are no drugs, prescription or off the counter, in my “medicine cabinet.”

But guess what? There are times I just can’t deal with some people. I’m hypersensitive that way, and a typical (and somewhat extreme) introvert. I’ll have to try “grounding” as described by Roy Martina. It seems that people around you disappear that way. I suppose you become unaware of their presence.

Who knows. I think it’s part of knowing myself better.


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