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A Work of Art, a novel in progress

A Work of Art is a novel that has been in various stages of preparation for many years. I’ll be frank to say that I’m easily discouraged by people’s questions about what I do and whether I have published, because it is the same as asking a computer programmer whether he’s sold his software to millions. I did write software many years ago, and some of it got on widely distributed products, but frankly it didn’t have such a long life. There was pleasure and income in writing it, but also in knowing at least one user (sometimes happy!). Now I write this novel without seeing the need for getting an actual book out. I’ll be happy to have one reader passing by the Internet, perhaps leaving a comment about it.

Why should anyone read Draft 3 of this novel, you wonder? I just think it would be encouraging. I’m not looking at producing the next To Kill a Mockingbird, and I’m not looking at having an Internet sensation. What it means is that should Draft 3 be so good that it could be finalized into a book, the potential readers of the final book will not have come around to the draft version. And the final will be so much better. The draft version will disappear, and it will be very unlikely that its existence will have lessened the chances of success of the book itself. I’m just using you as my “workshop.”

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