Month: January 2015

you are here

He wrote that on the side page of his calendar.  “You are here.”  Actually, the period more like a middle dot. “what is that supposed to mean?” a voice in his head asked. “I don’t know,” he said to the voice.  “Those were the words that came today.” “Is that because I wondered why you hadn’t written anything yet?” “Yes.” “Is this like an existential statement?  A zen thing?” “More like the state of the world as I know it.” “Isn’t it also a refusal to participate, by that I mean I asked you to write something, you thought about something, but you don’t want to write it because, well, because you find it’s not of interest to you or to the world as you know it?” “Yes.” “Perhaps the world as you know it is a construct,” the voice in his head said.  “Perhaps I have led you to believe certain things that aren’t true.” “Perhaps, but the only certainty I have is that I am here, and you are not questioning that.”