Non-Fiction, Poetry, Random Thoughts
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The Sorry Pedestrian

I am sorry to have slowed you down
Did you have a good time wherever you were rushing to?
Did you get compassionate ears to listen to your improvised
Excuse, the lack of parking at the door, the traffic, a school bus?

I am sorry to have interrupted
Or to have challenged your multi-tasking abilities,
Yes, conversation, even hands-free, occupies your mind,
And sorry pedestrians should know to wait quietly
Because it is obvious they are going nowhere.

I am sorry I was in your way
I understand collateral damage
Means I will be the necessary loss
In the war you feel is necessary
For how would you get where you need to go
Without a car, and yes, I will be realistic
And stand by to watch your parade.

I am sorry you were enlisted as a road warrior
And the economy commanded that you drive
More, and pedestrian life as its name implies
Is so commonplace and unimaginative
Unlike your choice of a shiny armor
Shielding you from street life.

I am sorry I did not dance on the street
To alert you of my presence.
Would you appreciate the choreography?

I am sorry you had to blast your horn
(have you heard it? It is loud)
and that its sound pierced my unprotected ears.
I just hope you obtained what you wanted,
Someone or something was in your way, I suppose,
Deserving your ire, certainly,
Challenging your right, you’re right.

I am so sorry, we have lost all connection.
You were friendlier back in the days when you asked for directions,
Like the warriors who let us put flowers in their rifles.
And now you have to go.

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