Month: December 2016

Light a Candle

At the end of this year, I feel as if we were in the middle of Richard III, when he has taken power and is about to be crowned, but especially when a lot of heads start to fall, wars will be waged, and hope will be back if there is an alliance of sorts between the diverse families that form our world. Who knows. We see it metaphorically in plays, movies, and novels. Can we do it in reality? All we can do now is to recognize our brethren and those who could be, start appreciating our differences and make alliances, refuse to point fingers at the less fortunate, refuse to participate in the economic pyramid and share our art, our capabilities, our love, with those around us. Don’t forget to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry.” Only once this is reached will we have enough strength to combat the extraordinary monster before us. Light a candle and let its flame shine on you.