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Good bye, facebook!

I have asked to delete my facebook account! I hesitated a lot, you know, for fear of missing out, but here’s how I realized it was the right thing to do:

1- after clearing the cookies in Firefox (you do use Firefox as your browser, right? Start with that, if you don’t), I realized I had to log into Facebook, so I decided to do it from a Private Window (it will save you from collecting data from the sites you visit, and you’ll notice a difference in targeted ads that give you the feeling of being spied upon).

2- Given that I was going to Facebook in a Private Window, I reduced my number of visits because of the added effort… It worked! I was down to a weekly visit. Facebook sent me lots of e-mails about what my friends were doing and how I should come for a visit, but that only confirmed that I was not that interested.

3- I had more free time and worried less about “the world out there.” I read the daily paper, and I find that all the shocking news I was alerted to weren’t very important. I also found that the trolls were confined in the paper’s op-ed page, where they have to give their names and addresses, so they’re not as provocative in print as they were when they’re a friend of a friend who watches Fox News and tells you a truly outlandish piece of information you used to see in the National Enquirer or The Onion.

4- Having more free time, I made it a habit to go to my local sewing studio, Hello Stitch. I walk there, which is a lot more refreshing than sitting and browsing. There are people there who are interested in what I do, and I become interested in what they do, all in a positive kind of attitude!

5- And so, today, I decided to delete the account. It gives you a chance to download your stuff (whatever it is, because I don’t think I’ll need it), and then it tells you you have 30 days before it is truly ended. I suppose they’ll send me lots of e-mails to remind me that I have now gone to the dark side and I still have a chance to be resuscitated… Did I mention I use Thunderbird to read e-mail, and the Delete key can be used to quickly delete messages?

6- What if people want to find out what I’m up to? They can search for me, I would think they’ll find one of my blogs, this one ( and the one that I use to relate about life as a transgender person, . They can Follow a blog and get an e-mail whenever I post a new entry (not so often, I know, I don’t have a strategy!).

I feel so good about not having so many provocative news thrown at me, especially because you can be sure 2020 will bring quite a lot of incredible hearsay and conjectures and tweeting. That’s why I pay the newspaper people to filter it and analyze it. Did I mention I didn’t have TV? Or its modern replacement, Netflix or Amazon? If there’s nothing I want to see at the local cinemas and theatres, I can read books, take walks, write blog entries about saying goodbye to Facebook…

so good-bye, facebook, hello world!


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