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my bike will be for sale soon

1999 LeMond Zurich, has a great history of riding several centuries like El Tour de Tucson and others with Team in Training. The original wheels (Rolf Vector Pro) were retired and replaced by the more supple and durable Mavic. The original computer, a Shimano FlightDeck, still has a running battery, but the Shimano Ultegra brake/shifter were replaced and the new model didn’t support it any more. The original stem was recalled and replaced by a sturdier one. I still have the owner’s manual, and Look pedals (not Cleo).

It’s a 55cm. Steel frame, carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra 3×9, maintained attentively through the years.

Extra new tire can be used to rotate the current one from the back to the front! You can get the Look pedals and the cleats are new. The original seat (Selle San Marco) was not so great and was replaced by a Serfas.

This has been my greatest bike, and still a great pleasure to ride even compared to more modern ones. I don’t ride any more, and the racing position doesn’t agree with my current needs (e.g. going to grocery store).

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