Guy Tiphane completed an M.A. in English at Notre Dame de Namur University after retiring from the computer world. They started writing short stories for the school’s review The Bohemian, and for their thesis, Heating Up the Fog, a collection of short stories. Once in a while, they get excited and geeky about creating gadgets like websites and it takes all the fiction out of their mind. They live in Berkeley with two bicycles, a typewriter, but no cats.  They prefer cats and they are afraid of most dogs.

Many years ago, they obtained an M.Sc. in Computer Science.  They speak English and French, and were fluent in Italian but out of practice and competing for memory cells with Spanish.  Other languages are just out for a fun experience.  With no desire for shiny things, they’ll paint an old chair with paint rescued from the hardware store’s mistakes, participate in nanowrimo, take photos, accumulate frequent flyer miles.



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  1. Isabelle Masse says

    Je crois que vous êtes bien l’auteur du site tiphane.org. En faisant une recherche Google sur les photos de J.O. Dubuc qui est mon arrière-grand-père, je suis tombée sur la section “vieilles photos” de votre site. Je veux simplement vous laisser savoir que l’inconnu qui accompagne Hector sur la carte postale que vous avez nommée “Inconnu et Hector” est en fait le photographe lui-même: Joseph-Ovila Dubuc! C’est un plaisir pour moi de voir cette photo que je ne connaissait pas.

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