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The End of Year Tote Bags

Made of fabrics that were left from other projects… Many odd shapes that I cut and put together in a mosaic… The interfacing layer that makes the sides more rigid also adds to the solidity of the mosaic (considering also that those are different fabric types). This was a fun project! Both bags have a stiffer bottom made of the twill fabric with a thick canvas. The same twill fabric is used for the lining (inside the bag, and inside each pocket), and the handles (sewn around layers of canvas or other hard material).

my bike will be for sale soon

1999 LeMond Zurich, has a great history of riding several centuries like El Tour de Tucson and others with Team in Training. The original wheels (Rolf Vector Pro) were retired and replaced by the more supple and durable Mavic. The original computer, a Shimano FlightDeck, still has a running battery, but the Shimano Ultegra brake/shifter were replaced and the new model didn’t support it any more. The original stem was recalled and replaced by a sturdier one. I still have the owner’s manual, and Look pedals (not Cleo). It’s a 55cm. Steel frame, carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra 3×9, maintained attentively through the years. Extra new tire can be used to rotate the current one from the back to the front! You can get the Look pedals and the cleats are new. The original seat (Selle San Marco) was not so great and was replaced by a Serfas. This has been my greatest bike, and still a great pleasure to ride even compared to more modern ones. I don’t ride any more, and the racing position …

Références: Genre en Français

L’usage du genre neutre en français tarde à être introduit, car c’est difficile d’altérer une langue avec des règles plutôt strictes qui nous ont été inculquées pendant toutes nos années scolaires… Après ça la maîtrise du langage devient une sorte d’outil pour maintenir la patriarchie… Voici quelques ressources que j’ai trouvé récemment qui pourraient vous aider. En même temps j’ajoute un cours sur l’identité conçu à l’université de Montréal (qui jusqu’à cette année semblait ignorer notre existence). ‘comment je te présente’ me demanda ma soeur…  Je n’y avais pas pensé, étant donné que ma démarche trans s’est faite en anglais et que je sens que tout est plus difficile dans ma culture d’origine.  Alors je suis très heureuxe d’introduire ces conseils!  C’est bien en avance de l’académie française qui a déclaré ne pas vouloir reconnaître l’existence du non-binaire. Alors peut-être que la prochaine fois, je dirai à ma soeur de me désigner comme ‘man froeur’ … Un bon côté d’être d’un pays bilingue, la question s’est posée plus vite au gouvernement du Canada …

My Words / Mes Mots

My Words My words are like autumn leaves They follow the wind And seize a last ray from the sun To gather in my garden. Do I burn them? Or Let them work their seasonal way Into the ground, composting, Fertilizing my thoughts, Retiring in wintry silence? The sprouts of spring In my garden, announce Flowers, birds, and bees Words reworded Lines rewritten Paraphrased and edited And I hear, I listen to The rebirth of poetry. My words are like the summer leaves Invincible, solidly attached Basking in the sun Washing in the mist Dancing with the hummingbird: They have life! They aspire to be read, To be the voices in the head The sticky notes on a door That give you pleasure. I give you my words: They are to be planted In your garden. Mes Mots Mes mots sont comme les feuilles de l’automne Qui suivent le vent En recevant un dernier rayon du soleil Avant de tomber dans mon jardin. Dois-je les brûler, Ou Les laisser faire leur travail saisonnier Se décomposant …

My Library Thing

I wanted to share books that I liked by donating them to the Pacific Center’s library, but I was told they no longer could fit more on their shelves.  Sadly, they hardly had any titles relevant to trans people, so I thought I’d make my own, catalog them on Library Thing.  I may end up adding all the books currently in my apartment…  But for now, I may lend a book if you write to me and we can use Berkeley Espresso or Au Coquelet as our exchange site.  I don’t have a front yard to build a little library! Access my Library Thing here…   I get my books from Bookshop Santa Cruz or Pegasus mostly, and I find the book reviews from Almost, Almost very useful (you can find many of the reviewed titles at the Berkeley Public Library).    

les vaches folles

Inspired by an actual dream, so is it Fiction or Non-Fiction? Photo Essay: the view from inside a bowl of cereal. The dream: my father on the other side of the table from me and my mother; he says something, a comment about us on the other side, alluding to how mad we may be, like mad cows (except it’s in French, and in French the cows are feminine, which is their gender, grammatically that is, as the cows haven’t expressed even their madness to be labeled mad).  I end with finding comfort inside my bowl of cereal, which is very realistic: it is my bowl, it is my cereal, in which I find comfort.