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My Shotgun Players Sassafras Page

I’m a member of the board of the Shotgun Players Theatre here in Berkeley, and every year we have a fundraising event.  However this year it’s gone online as a “virtual event” and I just drank a lot of coffee and made up this whole thing for anyone out there to consider… go to this page: Hello! I was not going to invite you to Sassafras, because as you know, I’m an introvert! I was going to offer to work on the edges of it, play hostess and maybe serve you drinks and make sure to have towels handy in case you spilled it on your beautiful dress! You would have been able to bid on live auctions of world-wide travel to participate in the big viral whirlwind, but instead, if you’re like me, you have figured out that you have spent less by staying at home all that time. But there are many people who have also lost their source of income, so it’s time to share our surplus (amassed thanks to 40 …

Good bye, facebook!

I have asked to delete my facebook account! I hesitated a lot, you know, for fear of missing out, but here’s how I realized it was the right thing to do: 1- after clearing the cookies in Firefox (you do use Firefox as your browser, right? Start with that, if you don’t), I realized I had to log into Facebook, so I decided to do it from a Private Window (it will save you from collecting data from the sites you visit, and you’ll notice a difference in targeted ads that give you the feeling of being spied upon). 2- Given that I was going to Facebook in a Private Window, I reduced my number of visits because of the added effort… It worked! I was down to a weekly visit. Facebook sent me lots of e-mails about what my friends were doing and how I should come for a visit, but that only confirmed that I was not that interested. 3- I had more free time and worried less about “the world out there.” …

My Library Thing

I wanted to share books that I liked by donating them to the Pacific Center’s library, but I was told they no longer could fit more on their shelves.  Sadly, they hardly had any titles relevant to trans people, so I thought I’d make my own, catalog them on Library Thing.  I may end up adding all the books currently in my apartment…  But for now, I may lend a book if you write to me and we can use Berkeley Espresso or Au Coquelet as our exchange site.  I don’t have a front yard to build a little library! Access my Library Thing here…   I get my books from Bookshop Santa Cruz or Pegasus mostly, and I find the book reviews from Almost, Almost very useful (you can find many of the reviewed titles at the Berkeley Public Library).    

les vaches folles

Inspired by an actual dream, so is it Fiction or Non-Fiction? Photo Essay: the view from inside a bowl of cereal. The dream: my father on the other side of the table from me and my mother; he says something, a comment about us on the other side, alluding to how mad we may be, like mad cows (except it’s in French, and in French the cows are feminine, which is their gender, grammatically that is, as the cows haven’t expressed even their madness to be labeled mad).  I end with finding comfort inside my bowl of cereal, which is very realistic: it is my bowl, it is my cereal, in which I find comfort.  

Old Slide: just a plane at the airport

The photo is not even framed properly. I would have discarded the old slide from my father’s boxes that I tasked myself with sorting out. Many of these slides were the source of our family’s entertainment, back when the only channel on black-and-white TV had the hockey game on Saturday nights, and none of us cared for it. This photo of an Air France Boeing 707, apparently taken at Orly airport, was part of the family show after my parents came back from their trip to France in the Spring of 1964. Many of the photos show street scenes, and sometimes there’s my mother sitting on a rented chair in the Jardin des Tuileries (I’m making this up, I don’t remember what jardins they were, but I remember she mentioned having to pay to sit on the chair). It must be Sunday, and they might have attended Sunday Mass at Notre-Dame, because she’s wearing white gloves… Otherwise, my father was interested in documenting his trip with his group of professors, and we saw a hydroelectric …