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#dystopiasf – Mirror Oh Mirror

Giselle had downloaded the Mir-O-Mirror App in the comfort of her home, and after trying it she was convinced she should get the bathroom extension hanger, so she could use her device without fear of having it immersed in water. The delivery robot didn’t mind how she looked when it came to her door the same day. She remembered the days of human delivery, when she would quickly change into male clothes before answering the door. Robots had been programmed, by order of the Supreme Court, not to record personal information of people while inside their homes, so whether Giselle was really an alias for John Gillespie didn’t even register in the robot’s mind, nor was it recorded – other than for quality assurance purposes – at amazing dot com headquarters. “I didn’t check the installation option,” she said to the robot, “but would you be available to install it?” “Sorry I am not an installer robot,” said the robot. “But I can put an order in for one. One second.” She saw the neighbors …

#dystopiasf – We’re Pregnant

“Congrats!” “Congrats!” The messages kept pouring in, now that the news of Jennifer’s pregnancy were out. The Health and Happiness network had asked permission to tell all her and Josh’s friends, and perhaps that was a bit overreaching for the number of people she had never heard of who automatically had clicked the “Send Congrats!” button. Even the amount of the donations was making her uncomfortable. She had no idea how much those baby things cost, but she also had no idea formed in her head of an actual baby in her arms needing the gifts. “Congrats!” “Congrats!” She called her mother. Her parents were part of the D group, the Disconnected, who still talked on a phone that had a coil wire going to the wall in their kitchen. The MyLifeHH App had reminded her that she should contact her D group on her own, but had conveniently queued up their phone numbers for her to call, in order of importance. “That is so lovely!” her mother had said on the phone. She shouted …

This is a blob of ink

My pen spat a blob of ink Like an asteroid on the planet of my page Chaos ensued It bounced and spawned other blobs Small and large And I waited for it to dry, saw the skylight reflected in each Tried to give them meaning: This is you, I pointed an arrow to the smallest; That is chaos, I pointed to a large one Landed between serious lines of my thoughts, Read into it nothing but a blob of ink Waiting to be absorbed into another constellation.