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It’s a War Out There

Think: the ghost in Amadeus, Salieri trying to haunt Mozart With the image of the father Demanding excellence.   Some believe it is good To require To judge To reprimand To beat And what did you get, at the end? Resentment.   So, you ask, is Laissez Faire Any better? Is the writer without angst Not a writer? Is the army without the dehumanizing good at winning wars?   And yet Whose war was it When the voice said In a celebratory tone To go ahead With the rope The wobbly chair Whose war was to be won?   Yours, an odd war In which the other, The different, Isn’t deserving of a life.  

The Dream that Awoke the Dead

In a dream, he knew he was in a dream, and forced himself to wake up. “Wake up! Wake up!” he repeated out loud until, finally, his eyes opened. They hadn’t wanted to open, but now at the end of the optic nerve was a mind that didn’t want them to slumber, didn’t want to return to the nightmare. In the dream, he knew it was only a dream, he was in bed and his brother, his older brother, had come to drag him out and punish him. For what? He wondered, his eyes still half closed. What could have provoked this dream, the presence of his older brother who had appeared in a similar situation in another dream so many years ago. One’s own archetypes, he realized, thinking his brother had represented the ideal boyscout, and in the dream his brother wore the full uniform with a big belt which was presumed to be the preferred tool of punishment. The night before, he had had a passing thought about the stern man who had …