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The Data Doesn’t Lie

“Imagine all we could do with the data we collected!” Debbie remembered hearing at one of their early project meetings. She had kept her cool, as she always did, yes, trying to imagine all the information one could obtain by comparing itself to that of a million others. They would probably be able to forecast health events, like a heart attack or a stroke, before they happen, and it would save lives and a lot of money in emergency services and hospital costs. They would probably be able to predict the outcome of marriages, saving people from the grief of breaking up, and even act as some kind of matchmaker assistant. But neither she nor her fellow team members could have thought it would end up telling people who they were. They had controlled the questions, at first, to give (or rather sell) vital information to users, all derived from statistics also gathered from everyone. They saw it happening gradually, as users signed up on the system and volunteered their data gathered every day from …

Departure (a revision of “Ashore”)

The deserted pier floats away In silence And the town shrinks behind Soon a model in a museum Then blurred impasto Destined to decorate memories and The traveling theater of your dreams. For now there is only doubt In the silence of your mind For even the seagulls have left. You navigate on seas now calm then rough Counseled by ghosts and gods Against pirates jealous of your light purse Guided by the stars Confused by the clouds Siphoned by currents You reach A new port, outside your map Charming you with strange music To set foot on dry land Behind you the horizon Absorbed your history and silenced the voices of the past So far away now That you take a new name.