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Escape from the Black-and-White World

The people of the Black-and-White world were secure in their dichotomy. They wore gray suits and dresses and gray mustaches. They read paternalistic newspapers printed with black ink, telling them what to dream and to especially beware of colors. Answering the mundane question “do you dream in color, or in black-and-white?” was loaded with meaning, and vague answers could lead one to years of Precambrian therapy chock full of colorful explosions as long as they were kept within the confines of the asylum. From its windows the raindrops in a rain curtain decomposed the sunlight and imprinted a rainbow on hope-filled eyes. Raindrops did that, yes, collectively and unintentionally, they broke white light into an infinity of colors that could be harvested and catalogued to be chosen as the bearers of personal meaning. There was no end to the rainbow being borrowed and altered in states of diversity. The colors seeped into the Black-and-White world, and despite robotic calls to remain in the safety of gray comfort, the people escaped to where their own personal …

My Rainbow

There was no end to the rainbow being borrowed and altered in states of diversity. The rainbow offered a whole gamut of visible and perhaps even invisible color without judgment or interpretation and criticism. Sun rays coming on earth at high velocity bounced inside raindrops and ended their mad race on thin retinas, brain matter exciting brain waves floating around and avoiding concussion. I shut my eyes to keep the rainbow inside and make it mine, my own continuum of colorful ideas, hopes and aspirations. My rainbow, following the rise of my eyelids, gave color to a gray world nostalgic of its black-and-white era of gray dresses and gray suits and mustaches. There was no end to the rainbow, beginning here.  

you are here

He wrote that on the side page of his calendar.  “You are here.”  Actually, the period more like a middle dot. “what is that supposed to mean?” a voice in his head asked. “I don’t know,” he said to the voice.  “Those were the words that came today.” “Is that because I wondered why you hadn’t written anything yet?” “Yes.” “Is this like an existential statement?  A zen thing?” “More like the state of the world as I know it.” “Isn’t it also a refusal to participate, by that I mean I asked you to write something, you thought about something, but you don’t want to write it because, well, because you find it’s not of interest to you or to the world as you know it?” “Yes.” “Perhaps the world as you know it is a construct,” the voice in his head said.  “Perhaps I have led you to believe certain things that aren’t true.” “Perhaps, but the only certainty I have is that I am here, and you are not questioning that.”

January Birth Daze

Yours wasn’t immaculate, your conception, more like the maple sap in the bucket. Then you were born in a snowstorm. Now every January you ask, what am I doing? With my life? With the resolutions, those sand bags anchoring the balloon inflated during the Holidays? But it’s your birthday! Bake a cake! Have a little celebration!    

long sentences

Although recently would you say, there hasn’t been anything great on TV, or for that matter on any kind of media, be it the radio, the newspapers including the tabloids, the magazines, and of course the Internet, there is no sign of anything negatively beginning like the dark ages as they had way back when nothing great was happening because they had more doers than thinkers and when that happened, the doers got armies together and purged the rest of the world of their thinkers since they would try to influence those who just waited for the news of what they were supposed to do, in a sense like today when people wait for the TV, that is whatever network they prefer to be told what to do on, and the TV somehow, one way or another, tells them, oh my, here’s something you should pay attention to, aren’t you nervous and excited, and shouldn’t your fearless leaders do something about whatever it is that you now feel is a priority or should be a …