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My Shotgun Players Sassafras Page

I’m a member of the board of the Shotgun Players Theatre here in Berkeley, and every year we have a fundraising event.  However this year it’s gone online as a “virtual event” and I just drank a lot of coffee and made up this whole thing for anyone out there to consider… go to this page: Hello! I was not going to invite you to Sassafras, because as you know, I’m an introvert! I was going to offer to work on the edges of it, play hostess and maybe serve you drinks and make sure to have towels handy in case you spilled it on your beautiful dress! You would have been able to bid on live auctions of world-wide travel to participate in the big viral whirlwind, but instead, if you’re like me, you have figured out that you have spent less by staying at home all that time. But there are many people who have also lost their source of income, so it’s time to share our surplus (amassed thanks to 40 …

Let the Jaw Drop, a one-page story

Click Here to Download the PDF BEFORE THE THEATRE PLUNGED into complete darkness, a serious voice asked the members of the audience to turn their cell phones off, and to unwrap their candy now, rather than later, when the urge to cough would warrant it. To Dorothy, these were somewhat contradictory life instructions, for what should one do with the unwrapped candy? It probably mattered less than the annoyance she felt at her husband consequently unwrapping a piece of gum, because of how he chewed it – with such an extreme jaw drop that one could hear the clicking of his overused masseter muscle, and observe his ears as they moved, as if directly attached to the jaw. Years ago, they had laughed together at his ability to move his ears, and even parts of his ears, independently… Click Here to Download the PDF